Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Such a perfect day

We had planned to go back to the mini-zoo in Falköping today, since we got rained out last time. But this morning when we woke up, it was another absolutely stunning summers day, so we quickly decided to change plans, and take the kids swimming in a lake nearby.
This is the beautiful 'Flämslätt Bad':

This picture was actually taken as we left, when we came a couple of hours earlier there wasn't many people at all. But it didn't matter it filled up pretty quickly the closer to lunch time we got, there was room for everybody.
It was a bit chilly to start with, but the kids quickly ended up in the water anyway:

There was a jumping tower at the end of one of the boardwalks. Lucas quickly jumped off the 2m one, and over and over again!
He was up on the 3m to check it out, but decided it was a bit too high for now.
Linnea jumped off the 1m one, but she didn't like it much so it was only once and I didn't manage to catch it with the camera unfortunately.

Apart from having lots of fun by the jumping tower, they were mostly bemused by the fish! It was a lake, so of course there was lots of fish! The kids wondered a lot about wether or not the fish would bite them when they jumped in...

It was such a beautiful morning, and such a relaxed place to spend a few hours. The kids came up from the water every now and then to warm up, and have a bit of 'fika' - and then they were off again!

A cuddle with Mormor:

I sported a new bikini!

It took quite a lot of convincing for me to try out the water... But I thought - it has to happen! I couldn't even remember when I last swam in a lake in Sweden. Must be a long, long time ago!

Brrrr!! Well, apparently it was 22 degrees, and most people who were in it went "Oh, it's so warm!"... We kind of have different reference frames I guess... (I only stayed in for the photo.)
Lucas didn't mind as much.

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