Wednesday, 3 August 2011

We're going on a Treasure Hunt

This afternoon we tried out one of the new "attractions" in town, a sort of treasure hunt for kids, designed around some of the more important sights we have in town.
We went to the Tourist Bureau to pick up the map, and off we went!

It took us to five different places in town, the Museum, the Veterinary Museum, the St Nicolai church ruins, the Skara Cathedral and the exhibition at the Tourist Bureau.

At each stop we had to do a task. Here we are checking out the church ruins, counting how many entrances the church once had and matching it's shape to the right shape in our map.

Then it was off to the Skara Cathedral, to count feet on some stone reliefs panels, and find crocodiles in the famous mosaic glass windows! :)

It was a nice little walk for the kids, who enjoyed trying to find each stop but might not have been listening too much to the Medieval historical facts... They were pretty happy when they realized that finishing all the tasks meant they got a prize back at the Tourist Bureau. Bonus!

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