Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Amongst the gums

I've had a fabulous last day here in South Australia, just loooovely!
We went on a little road trip this morning out to McLaren Vale, one of Australia's most highly regarded wine regions; and also with a reputation as a culinary mecca.

It was such a beautiful morning, and even though it's winter/spring here now, so not many flowers nor greenery; it was a very nice drive across the vaste wine fields.

We did an express wine-tour, that is - we stopped at only one wine cellar (we were a bit short for time), at the Wirra Wirra Vineyards. 'Wirra wirra' is an aboriginal name meaning "amongst the gum trees".

They showcases their wines in this stunning cellar door:

We tasted a little bit of everything, muscats, whites, reds and stickies:

I didn't end up buying any though, as neither their whites or reds were quite what I was after. I liked the stickie and really liked the muscato wine, but unfortunately the latter only came in a 500ml bottle. As you know I can bring 2 bottles back in when I get back home, but I ain't wasting my allowance on anything else than full-size ones!

You could spit it out if f.e you were driving, like Nina:

But I wasn't letting any of it go to waste! :)

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