Sunday, 7 August 2011

A day with the Dehlis

This morning it was time to meet up with some friends especially the kids have been very anxious to catch up with. They were ecstatic when we found out our families would actually cross paths in Copenhagen this weekend (their summer house is in north Sjaelland), and we could fit in a date.
We met up at the apartment they were borrowing to wait out the rain with some coffee and Danish 'wienerbrød', then we took a long walk along the lakes in central Copenhagen.

The Dehlis moved from Brunei to Dubai in November last year, and we have missed them lots since. Especially Lucas I think, he and Malthe were really close friends. This morning on the way over to meet them, Lucas said:
- "I'm so excited Mummy, I think I might cry when I see Malthe!"

Well, turned out it was Anne and I that shed a few tears when the kids saw each other, reunited and gave each other the biggest hugs! They were so cute!

We also had time to let the kids run around the playground for a bit. They had a blast, of course!

It's a bit sad to say goodbye when you don't know when you are going to see each other again - but hopefully we will have time for a quick trip to Dubai this fall. Until then, we will relish the memories of our day together in Copenhagen!

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