Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This afternoon we went into Kiulap to find this "snake show" I had heard some of our friends talk about. Well, it was actually an "Exotic Pets Expo", and it was rather interesting!
Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera (*duh*) so the pictures are taken with my phone, and not very good due to the low lighting.

It was cheap to get in, only $6 per adult and kids went free. We were the only ones in there so the tour guide walked around with us and told us all about the different snakes; explained all the different species, their care and do's & dont's about pet reptiles.

We thought this one was an albino snake, but found out he was actually coloured this way - ivory:

There were about 40 different snakes. Mostly pythons, with wonderfully imaginative names - like Granite Burmese Python, Genetic Stripe Ball Python, Butter Ball Python, Cinnamon Ball Python, Lemon Blast Python. There was also different kind of corn snakes and boas. (Most of the snakes came from a personal collector, you can read his blog here.)

They also had lizards in all sizes, like this big Sahara Monitor Lizard. It was rather sleepy, and liked being cuddled!

Linnea stroke it for a bit:

The Indian Star Tortoise:

The tour guide took the snakes out of their terrariums and you got to touch them if you wanted. Both kids had a (very quick) touch, to feel how smooth and cold the snake was.
Mummy was the only one brave enough to actually hold one of the snakes!

I held him quite far away from me though, didn't want him wriggling around my neck or anything... and although he was "just" a regular python, he was pretty strong and squeezed my hand so hard I could hardly get it out of his grip!

(If anyone else here is keen on getting up close and personal with some of these creatures, this Expo it's still on for a few days yet until the 29th of August. Open 10 am-10 pm, and it's located at the end of the tent behind the Kiulap HuaHo.)

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