Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lunch Deluxe

It's Ramadan here and one thing that is really nice to do during this holy month, is going out for lunch. Since the locals aren't allowed to eat until after sundown, the restaurants are pretty much empty.
The other day we decided to try out a newly opened restaurant in the capital. We don't often go "downtown" so it was a bit of an adventure.

It's Kaizen Sushi that has opened a new branch on the waterfront, and they have made a really good job of the decoration both inside and outside.

We watched the boats while we were waiting for the Roses, always a hit.

And you can even see the Istana from here.

I don't have any more photos unfortunately, because as soon as the food arrived I got busy eating!

I must say it was really, really nice sushi. The menu was very extensive and we tried quite a few different things. But... it was nearly double the price to our normal sushi haunt 'Excapade', and question is, was it worth it?
Well, at 'Excapade' sushi is so cheap we treat it a bit like fast-food. We go several times a week, plus we don't mind taking the kids there.
I'll probably go back to Kaizen again yes, because of the lovely setting and the different sushi, but it'll be for a nice evening meal - and without children...

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Anne C. Dehli said...

Fantastic! Looks great.