Friday, 5 August 2011

Eight years later

Due to some train trouble we arrived in Copenhagen quite a bit later than I had planned yesterday. The afternoon date had to get cancelled but the evening plans still went ahead.
Kamilla and I had a dinner date with an old friend, but someone we hadn't seen in about eight years!

Christina (to the left), Kamilla and I used to be a tight-knit group back in the day when I was living here in Denmark. We got to know each other when we started on the same cabin crew training course together in 1998.
For different reasons Christina and I fell out with each other just before I moved to the UK, and hadn't spoken for a long time, and neither had the others.

Well, thanks to Facebook we have slowly been getting back in touch and when we realized we didn't even remember the initial issue, we thought it was about time to reconnect properly.
So last night we chatted away many, many hours first in a restaurant - until it closed - and then in a small bar, until that closed!
It was so great to not just catch up, but regain a valuable friendship.

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