Monday, 29 August 2011

The Boel

Well folks, after the initial loneliness during my trip, I quickly got over it and have had a fab, fab weekend!

My friend Nina picked me up from the airport on Saturday and told me that her hubby generously had told her to "go and catch up, and take your time"! So we drove to straight to Brighton and had a 3 hour lunch in the sun - and caught up!

A fantastic afternoon! Lovely fresh air, lovely sunshine and lovely company!

Eventually we got back to her place, and were met by her three little curly-haired princesses, oh my, her kids are so cute!
They were all very curious about me, and really keen on this friend of their Mummy! I made myself popular by bringing presents:

And they showed me all their tricks on the trampoline:

The cutest thing is, they keep calling me "The Boel"! Ha ha, makes me feel like some kind of rock star - like "The Edge" or something! Kind of cool.

(I also ate my first kangaroo steak Saturday night! It tasted sort of gamey, but rather nice actually.)

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