Friday, 5 August 2011


Today started out great with lovely sunshine when we set off into town. Lovely!
All around town they are exhibiting elephants at the moment, all differently painted and designed. We found a cool one at Hovedbanegården.

And here's another 'cool one'!

Then we did a remake of maybe the most successful day of our Denmark visit last year - the day at 'Skydebanen'. Although today there wasn't that many of us, we still had a really nice afternoon, 'Skydebanen' is such a superb playground.
Here Linnea and Hector are sharing a box of raisins:

And then, the Petersens arrived!
We missed each other last year, they got a flat tyre when they were driving over to see us and it all fell through. But today, finally, we caught up again - and it was great! Although far too short... :(
Lucas, Lukas and Magnus:

The new bikes were a hit, the kids spent a lot of time driving around on different vehicles and in different constellations:

Hector was a popular passenger, and he loved it!



Unfortunately the rain came, so we regrouped and went back to where they were going to stay the night. Wound the kids down with some kids' tv...

... and then enjoyed a pizza and Vietnamese take-away dinner together. Yum, yum!

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