Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tivoli Gardens

After lunch we had a date at Tivoli with a couple of other friends, and their kids. Last time we were here was also three years ago.
Even though it was a Saturday afternoon during summer holidays, it was actually not too bad with the queues. We went on quite a few of the rides. We didn't go on this one though, one of the 2011 news - it looked horrendous, an upside down and rotating airplane going around and around!

Wise from our somewhat terrifying experience with 'Tranan' at Skara Sommarland, we stayed with the rather peaceful rides!
Here's Cecilie and Lucas in the classic 'Farfar's bilar', a ride that used to be MY favorite when I was a kid:

A little break to sugarfy the kids..:

Waiting patiently in line:

Katja and Dorthe:

It's really nice that all our friends here now have kids (or kids on the way) too. We were always hanging with this group of friends when we lived in Copenhagen, in kind of a "Friends-series" kind of way - and now there is a "Skygang" 2nd generation!
It's very cool!

We finished off this great day with a BBQ at the Viby residence in Frederiksberg, somewhat a summer tradition by now! Yummy food, some of their left-over wedding wine (!), nice conversation and many laughs.

Some of us got a cool ride back to the Metro at the end of the night! Thanks for a really nice day guys!

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