Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Star of Greece

For lunch today Nina wanted to take me to a restaurant "with beautiful views", and oaw, it sure had the best views!
We drove out to the coast, to Port Willunga, and went to the restaurant 'Star of Greece'.

I don't know if it was the name of the restaurant that spurred it on, but I really got Lefkas-vibes when arriving and looking along the coast line, it looked just like the Agios Nikitas beach on the north-west tip of Lefkas. The same long-stretched beach, the same cliffs, the same different coloured sea in all blue and green hues imaginable - so beautiful...

The name of the restaurant comes from a wreck that foundered here, the Star of Greece, one of the best known wrecks in South Australia. It was wrecked in a violent storm off this beach in July 1888.

And no, they didn't serve Greek food at the restaurant (...), but they had a very appetizing menu. Nina had crispy pork belly with scallops, and potato skins...

... and I had some green salad and salt-and-pepper squid, m-hm!

Another enjoyable lunch! I was full all day after this!

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