Thursday, 1 September 2011

And it's September...

I welcomed September with a whole day of traveling.
The alarm went off at 04.20 this morning, and I was in very good time for my Qantas flight across to Brisbane. Not much happening at the airport that early in the morning, but at least the coffee shops were open!

It all nearly went pear shaped when the Qantas aircraft went tech on us and couldn't be fixed. We had to disembark, but luckily they had another aircraft standing by so we could use that one instead.
I was thankful I had planned it so that I had nearly four hours transit in Brisbane, because now they were suddenly reduced to barely two. Enough though for me to make it across to the International Terminal on the bus, check in and do my little bit of shopping. Phew.

Flight was long and a bit tedious. I tried to watch a few of the new movies, but kept falling asleep and missing out on bits and pieces all the time... :/

Good to be home with the family. Bag is already unpacked, gifts handed out and I'm left with lovely memories of a superb week in Adelaide.
I'm so lucky to have such a good friend in Nina, I hope it won't be another 8 years until we catch up again.

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