Sunday, 25 September 2011

House mice

Is that actually a saying in English? Well, it is in Swedish, for people who likes being at home; and we were proper little house mice today the kids and I, didn't even leave the house..!

I've always liked being at home, and especially Lucas, is just the same. He always has a good time, wherever we do go, but he prefers to stay at home.
Today we spent the morning lounging around in our PJs doing things around the house, and the dreaded last bits of the homework. Then the weather turned on-and-off on us and we weren't really sure what it was going to do, so we decided to just have an at home day all day long!
It was really nice actually. We played a few games together and a couple of board games, just took it easy. Lovely. I wish we had time for more days like this but our weekends are usually just as busy as the weeks, so I cherish these quiet days we do get.

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