Sunday, 4 September 2011

This is the end, my friend

And... we've come to the end of some very long summer holidays... Finally!
As much as I was impatiently waiting for them to start, I've now been waiting for a while for them to come to an end...
Eight weeks is a very long time, and I'm one of those people that - never mind how much I love my kids and to spend time with them - like to have routines and actually enjoy the daily grind.

It seems like an eternity ago already we came back from Scandinavia, but we are sure bringing a lot of lovely memories of these holidays with us into this next year.

I'm really excited about tomorrow, I love that first-day of-school-feeling, I always have - even when I was the student. For me, this time of the year has always felt more like a "start" than New Year. I love the feeling when it's all fresh and new, and the year ahead is like a blank page.

The kids are really excited too, about seeing their friends and getting into it all again. We've been preparing all weekend for tomorrow morning!

I'm curious to see what this next year will bring, in many ways. Bring it on!

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