Wednesday, 14 September 2011

RWC Hash

It felt so good to be back at the Hash last night, finally, after many, many weeks of absence (due to the holidays). It was a very good run, laid by some of the veterans. It had quite a few big hills - rather tough for someone still in post-holiday shape...

It was also nice because there were so many new faces! Funny what happens when you are away for a while, lots of people walking around feeling totally at home already (at "my" Hash!) - and I'd never seen them before! :)
In fact, there were so many people last night, there nearly wasn't chairs enough for everyone!!! Even Tana Umaga (famous All Blacks player) was there!

You see, the theme for the evening was very suitably Rugby World Cup, so the hashers had been asked to wear rugby jerseys for the on-on. Not many had read the Words though, so when it was time for price giving for best outfit, I was one of the lucky winners in my All Blacks gear!

Here's Maria and I, supporting our husbands' teams - with our prizes, rugby balls Brunei style:


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