Monday, 19 September 2011


It's week 3 at school and all the ASAs (After-school-activities) are starting up this week. When I got back from getting my Zumbatomic license in Adelaide at the end of last month, I offered school to do a Zumbatomic ASA this term, and they thought it was a great idea.
I had to decide myself on the size of the group, and since this is my first time instructing, I thought a smaller group would be more manageable and opted for a max of 14 kids. Guess what - I got a full class!

So today I held the first class, I had painted my nails in a glittery Zumba-blue especially! :)

Presenting your colourful Zumbatomic Instructor:

I was so pumped up and really excited, and so were the kids! The 45 minutes went by so fast and all the children really impressed me by picking up the moves and the choreography very quickly. We had so much fun, it was great seeing their happy faces! They all walked out bubbling to tell their parents about what we had done.

They did ask me why I sweated so much though... several times, ha ha! And in the end where I had planned a big group hug to finish off, most of them just wrinkled their noses at me! :D
I guess next week we'll just be doing a "all-hands-in-the-middle-shout-Zumba-thing"! Ha ha!

I got super feedback from the teacher assisting me as well, so I'm very proud of myself. *Pat on the back*. Gotta keep it up now, I'm already practicing the dance for next week and have to come up with some new games! Zumbaaaaaaa!

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Självförbättraren said...

Wow vilken grej!! Åh vad jag är stolt över dig och shit vad du ser ut som värsta proffset i den där outfiten, haha!