Sunday, 4 September 2011

Home Alone

While I was in Adelaide, Nathan luckily wasn't working much (well, which was one of the reasons I could go!), but he had two flights where we needed to find something for the kids to do.
He flew all Sunday, so they got looked after by the Turners and were taken to a birthday party for a little 1-year old that we all had been invited to. They had had a very good time, and been behaving nicely. Good to hear.

On the Wednesday, Nathan was doing a night flight. So we relied on our very good neighbours, Linnea went down the road to Gemma for a sleepover, and Lucas went across to Oliver's house. Mostly exciting for Oliver, as it was his first sleepover experience!
You can read all about it here, on Misuzu's blog! Very cute!

Thank you friends! What would we do without you!

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