Friday, 23 September 2011

Teacher's Day

Today we have an extra day off here in Brunei, because it's 'Teacher's Day'.
It's so nice with an extra long weekend, it's still quite hard with the early mornings and long days, we're all super tired still now in week 3.
The kids are as busy as always and their week is packed:

Mondays they both do an ASA, Linnea has Hip-Hop and Lucas is participating in the Junior School Production of 'Ali Baba'. At the same time I take the Zumbatomic ASA so we're not home until 4.30 in the afternoon.
Tuesdays Lucas is doing Ball Skills, and Linnea waits in the After School Care Club, we're home at 3.45.
Wednesdays Linnea is doing Dolphins swimming and Lucas is playing football, home again at 4.30.
Thursdays I pick them up normal time (school finishes at 2.30), so we're home at 3 pm and Fridays they are finished at 12, but with the current parking situation that arises when the whole school is out at the same time... we're not home until 1 pm.
Busy, busy, busy.

So today we've taken it very easy. We all lounged around in our PJs all morning, then went for a quick lunch before going to the movies and seeing "The Smurfs"; and now I've swapped Linnea for Ben, who's come here for a sleepover. It's great we still have TWO days left of the weekend!

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