Thursday, 15 September 2011

Just like in the good old days

At 03.50 this morning I was sitting in a crew bus, sleep in my eyes, going from the airport to a hotel. It felt just like in the good old days, apart from the fact there wasn't a landing beer nor any water bottles full of sangria in sight. :)

We are in Perth.
It's actually our first time going down here with Nathan although they have been flying Perth on and off since we came to Brunei; it's just not suited before. This might have been our last chance though since RBA is suspending all flights to Perth by the end of next month.
We are lucky though, as Nathan got this long trip (we have three full days here) with great timing, just this week before the ASAs and homework and everything kick in at school from Monday. Perfect!

The other crew were laughing at me though when we unloaded the suitcases from the crew transport, as we brought three of them..! Well, one was actually all empty coming here, as I'm planning on filling it with groceries and stuff, like flour for making nice bread, freeze-at-home popsicles, youghurt bases for my youghurt machine etc etc. I'm on a mission and for once have (well, near to) unlimited weight!

Now, we are off to discover Perth!
Even though Nathan have been here plenty of times, he has never really seen Perth. Not the way you see things when you have kids with you anyway. (He has probably not seen much more than the Apple shop actually, ha ha!)
Pert, look out, here we come!

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