Monday, 5 September 2011


When I got home from Adelaide, Linnea made me unpack the suitcase right away. She knew there was some presents in there somewhere! Cheeky monkey!
What I didn't know was that Nina had sneakily hidden a couple of presents for me too! Firstly this:

Chocolates...!!! Mmm!
These ones were all from another chocolate shop - Haigh's Chocolate Factory, that we visited while in the City Center. Little did I know that all those chocolates she picked out were going to end up in my suitcase! :)
She sent with a whole selection, dark-, milk-, peppermint- and liquorice chocolate etc. The kids were mostly excited about the cute 'Milk Speckles' though, yum!

And I also got this:

A super-happy pink necklace!
I had actually bought two of these very cool necklaces made out of beans (!), in white and orange - but Nina thought I looked so good in this pink one she thought I should have that too. And since she has a similar one (well, they are all slightly different since they are handmade), we now have "friendship necklaces"! Love it! :)

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TinTin said...

What a lovely and dear friend. Lucky you!