Friday, 23 September 2011

Just like Beto!

Yes, I know, this blog has gone all "Zumba-Zumba-Zumba" lately, but to be honest - that's also what these past few weeks has been all about for me.

Ever since I got back from my training in Australia, and got the green light to go ahead with my Zumbatomic ASA, I've been Zumbaing like crazy.
Not only with lots of practise and preparation so that the Zumbatomic program would be fantastic and well organized; but I've also been coming up with, and practising routines for the "normal" Zumba, for adults; and gone to as many Zumba classes I've could.
A good friend of mine have let me do a few tracks every now and then at her classes, and that has been invaluable. A great way to get used to teaching, to practice with actual people and also through them being able to get some feedback.

The other day though, she had lost her voice and wasn't feeling all that. She asked me when I arrived to the Studio if I was ready - could I take the whole class? I said I was ready but unprepared, to which she answered me with a wink:
-"So was Beto, remember!"

You see, the story goes that Zumba was invented by a fluke by this Colombian guy called Beto. He was working back in Cali teaching Step/Aerobics when one day, he forgot the music for his class. The only music he had was a cassette of Latin music he’d taped from the radio. He put that on, improvised - and that was the beginning of Zumba! (You can read more about his amazing success story in an old article here.)

So the other day, totally surprised, I did it too! The whole class!
It felt a bit like being thrown in the deep end, but maybe that's the way to go, so that you don't have time to question yourself too much? At least now I know I can do it! :)
Beto, it's you and me!

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