Thursday, 15 September 2011

My legs are tired, I need a pee...

This has pretty much been the tune of today: "My legs are tired... I need the toilet... I'm hungry... I'm not hungry... I want water... etc...". Arrrghhh.

Perth is cool, but if I wasn't already happy I went - I'm now so glad I went to Adelaide, on my own. It's hard to appreciate and enjoy being away somewhere new when you are accompanied by two little people who doesn't quite value the same things you do.

We've still had a pretty good day, a few disagreements and pouring rain aside. We took on the nearby outlet mall 'Harbour City' after breakfast, and believe it or not - not a single thing in the many shopping bags we came back with was for me. Not one! (What's wrong with me?)

After having a little afternoon snooze at the hotel, we then checked out the center of town, the pedestrian streets and a few shops before heading to 'Tony Romas' for dinner.

It was ribs all around, for big and small - and for once the dinner choice actually pleased every member of the family and there was four totally clean plates at the end of the meal! Result!

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