Friday, 2 September 2011


Just before bedtime tonight we had power cut. Luckily, the timer had just rang to tell us our 'kladdkaka'-dessert was ready! :)
We had to enjoy it by candle light though. It took me a while, but I lit most of the candles we had. The kids weren't too comfortable with the power being off and couldn't understand why they weren't allowed to open the fridge, couldn't get any ice out of the freezer, why the music wouldn't play or why the video didn't work... Plus they didn't find it cosy one bit, more a little bit scary.

You see, when the power goes off here, it goes pitch black. Especially when there aren't many stars out, which means there's absolutely no natural light at all to lead you.
Plus without the constant buzzing from the air conditioning units, it also gets very, very quiet. Spookily quiet. I was amazed the kids actually fell asleep, but they were very tired.

Luckily it was only out for about two hours so we can now go to sleep as normal. Otherwise it would have been a pretty "sticky" night.

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