Wednesday, 28 September 2011

First one done!

Well, this is really not the most flattering picture of me I've ever published on this blog, but hey - this one is on me! :)

This is how I looked this morning, after I did a whole hour of Zumba - as the instructor!
Yes, I sweat a lot. Yes, I go very red. Yes, it was hard work..!

But, I'm so proud of myself!
I've been working really hard these last few weeks practising routines and getting it all together, and even though my class is still mostly low-impact (due to my own fitness level that needs to build up!) - the class worked out fab!
There was so many people this morning too, over 20 ladies, and everyone seemed to enjoy it!
Yay for me!


Familjen i Rom said...


Anne C. Dehli said...

Super cool. Dejligt at høre det er en succes. Knus

Malin L said...

Du är grym!!!