Monday, 29 August 2011

Gold Class Baby!

To finish off a perfect Sunday we decided to go to the movies. Nina, as a mother-of-three (and currently working hard on finishing her PhD plus holding down a part-time job) doesn't get out much; so we decided to go for the full-on super, fantastic, sensational, great, superb, awesome extra-everything movie experience!
Gold Class Baby!

Before the movie we placed our order in the lounge. Not only could you decide what you wanted to snack on, but also exactly when, f.e straight away or an hour into the movie etc.

We saw "Horrible Bosses", not the funniest, funniest movie ever but all in all ok and it had a few good bits in it.
We started out with a bit of pink bubbly...

Oh, and I forgot to mention the seats! Or more, the beds! Fully reclining, huge, soft armchairs, aaaaahhhh...

We also enjoyed some ice cream sundays, popcorn and some Calypso coffee during the movie! (Ha ha, I just sat there and kept waiting for our treats to arrive..!)

Yup, best movie experience in a long time!

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