Friday, 15 April 2011

Making it last

Even though our vacation is over for this time and we were thrown straight back into the daily grind this week, with work and school etc - we are still reveling in the many memories of this holiday.
We did so many nice things and experienced so much, it was really an exciting trip for all of us this time, where we created lovely memories for everyone.
Both the kids and I keep looking at all the photos, and keep talking about the different things we saw and did, over and over again.

I always try to make that holiday feeling last for a while, even after I get home. It's such a nice one, worth keeping hold of!
I do love looking at my photos, but sometimes it also helps wearing some of the new clothes, or other new things and accessorizes that has been brought home - makes you feel all refreshed and updated! :)

This time I also got hold of something I've been hunting for quite a while, a 'Koru' decoration piece, in white. A bit difficult to find, I've been spending quite a few trips trying to find one, but have only come across black, grey and particularly the traditional green ones before.
This time, I found these:

In the little souvenir/art display place in Punakaiki, there they were! These are made in ceramics, and absolutely exquisite. I knew straight away I had to have them!
Now they are lighting up our book case, and they make me smile and think of our great holiday every time I lay my eyes on them.

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Dosiss said...

I also try to keep the holiday feeling once back home. As for creating happy memories that's exactly what I'm trying to do too. No better age, than the age of your children, to discover and being amazed together.