Monday, 4 April 2011

Friendly people

Already on our first contact with NZ this time, at the airport, Lucas came up with a wonder if Daddy knew the people in the security control. (Here you get screened on arrival so that you don't bring anything in that could contaminate their clean country).
You see, the guy was really friendly (as they all are) and had a great old chat with Nathan for a while, which made Lucas ask if we knew him?

It reminded me of a similar story from my first time here in NZ. I had come down on my own, Nathan was already here, and my suitcase had gone missing on the way. So we had to stop at the Manuka Shopping Center just next to the airport to get a few things to carry me through until the suitcase was supposed to turn up again.
While walking through the shops, Nathan kept chatting and chatting to the shop assistants, and in the end I got a bit upset and asked him if he was trying to pick one up?!
When he said no, I then wondered if he knew them, because they were so chummy?
Well, no..?

That's just Kiwis for you! Very friendly and chatty, and they are actually, genuinely interested in you when they ask where you are from etc. I always have really nice conversations when I'm out and about town! The friendly people here are another reason for you to put NZ on your list of places to go.

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