Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter fun at the Yacht Club

This afternoon we went out to the Yacht Club to participate in their Easter Fun Day, like many others. The place was really busy, with bouncy castles, games and lots of different Easter themed activities.
Also - the pool had finally (3 1/2 months later) re-opened!!! Hip hourray!

While Lucas was busy swimming, Linnea chose to do some egg painting:

It was quite a popular activity!

Linnea and her beautiful egg (which unfortunately didn't win any prize to her big disappointment...):

... and some of the other eggs:

Of course, she also had some face painting done. This time she ended up as a Easter Bunny! (It was so nicely done too!)

What a cute, cute Easter Bunny!

Lucas took part in the egg-and-spoon-race, in the 7-year-olds heat. Here he is all lined up and rearing to go:

Off he went in great speed, but it proved very tricky to control the "egg" (=ping-pong ball):

As "some" were cheating and actually holding their "egg" with their hands... there had to be a re-run. Unfortunately that didn't go too well either, as you can see by the anguished facial expression:

To finish off, there was a hat parade for those who had made and brought Easter bonnets from home. We hadn't, but we still enjoyed the many very whimsical and resourceful creations:

Gemma was looking spiffy!

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