Thursday, 21 April 2011

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

What day better than Earth Day (well, it's actually tomorrow, but at JIS they celebrated it today) to start a project like the one I started today:
Our own recycling station!

My friend Anna was here the other day and while throwing something out in our rubbish bin, she was shocked to see an empty milk bottle in it - "Don't you do recycling!?!"
She continued to tell me how easy it is (there is a recycling station at school), and how we have to do it for the environment, and I had to think about getting the kids into the right habits etc etc...
Well, I know all this of course, have just been lazy... But, no more excuses really.

So today I went out and organized three different baskets for paper, aluminium and plastic (unfortunately there is no instance who accepts glass yet here in Brunei, as far as we know) - and then went on by creating space for them in the laundry and print out a sheet about what we should recycle and what not etc.
The kids were really excited, and everybody are now in the loop - it's all go!


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