Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fun in the sun

After the movies, the sun had come out and the day became a bit more enjoyable. We had a few things to sort in town, and I took the kids to the playground for a run-around for a while, since the weather was up for it.

Even though it was windy and a bit cold, it was sunny; and it's really nice to be able to spend time outside without getting all sweaty and overheated. The kids' trousers need washing every day, since the knees are full of grass stains... like proper kids' trousers! :) (Lucky Grandma knows magic when it comes to stains!)

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Åretruntparadiset said...

Det är så härligt att få följa er semester i NZ, jag har med glädje sett alla dina fina bilder och läst dina berättelser! Den här gången misstänker jag att ni är i en park som jag själv var i med barnen för lite mindre än fyra år sedan. Konstigt. Gångavstånd från Taupo "centrum"? Jag tycker jag känner igen mig...