Sunday, 3 April 2011

Go Warriors!!!

Today we did another 'first', we went to a rugby game - the first live one for me and Lucas. It was actually a Rugby League game, which is not quite the same as proper rugby, but close enough for us. We wanted to experience the atmosphere and since it was here in Taupo, we though it would be a nice afternoon activity!

Well, it was us and another about 14,650 people there!

The game was between the Australian side the Sharks and the Kiwi side the Warriors.

This stadium, the Owen Delaney Park, will be the training arena for the South African team during the upcoming Rugby World Cup and some of the games are also scheduled to be played here!

Although they had warned for rain, we had (again) absolutely stunning, and really hot, weather. Gorgeous!

We ended up sitting behind some hardcore Warriors supporters. They weren't quiet for one minute, it was quite entertaining

Lucas got right into it, and the Warriors ended up winning the game with 26-18. It was their first win of the season. You can read more about this game here.

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