Saturday, 2 April 2011

Last breaths

I took the kids to the playground for the afternoon while the others were busy at the bike race. It was sunny but not particularly warm, I guess you could say summer is taking it's last breaths at the moment.

I've always liked "people watching", so I didn't mind sitting around keeping an eye on the kids, doing not much.

It was funny though to observe what people were wearing on a day like this; you get a little bit of everything!
I saw all kind of clothes at the playground, from knitted beanie hats, boots, thick stockings and duvet jackets to jandals, shorts, strappy dresses, bare feet and singlets - and everything in between!

I guess it's hard to know how to dress this time of the year, wether you're a local or a visitor. I sure enjoy wearing my jeans, scarves and proper shoes though! My kind of temperature!

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