Monday, 4 April 2011

10 years on

Writing the previous post made me think about the fact that this trip is actually taking place nearly exactly 10 years after my first trip to NZ.
I wish I had some pictures to show you from that trip, but I hadn't gone digital quite yet, and all the photos I could scan, are back home of course.

It was a very exciting trip, not only for the fact that it was the longest trip I had ever done, and by myself - but also because Nathan and I hadn't been dating long at all. Some of my friends thought I was crazy going to the other side of the earth with a guy I hardly knew, but I saw it this way - hey, if it would turn out we weren't meant to be, at least I would've got to see NZ!

As we all know by now, we were very much meant to be!
As soon as we got back to Denmark I moved into his apartment and we got engaged; and ten years later with many NZ-trips in the baggage, here we are yet again, married with two kids and as happy as ever..!


Anonymous said... love!!! Klem Nina-fina

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I think I just chundered a bit!