Monday, 18 April 2011

The usual humdrum

One week gone since we got back and it feels like... three, at least! Straight back into our usual tracks, with school excursions, Sunday karate, birthday parties, Tap&Jazz, playdates etc.

Kids are doing some new ASAs at school: Linnea started hip-hop today (which was a hit!) and scrapbooking tomorrow and Lucas has returned to football plus will be participating in the next Junior School Theatre production.

I did a few dog walks last week but have really kicked the exercise routine up a notch this week with both Zumba, Boot Camp, kickboxing and hash on the agenda!

Nathan is in Perth for a few days and I'm a bit worried, since he really didn't have a shopping list this time (we are all shopped out from NZ) he might get bored and do something silly - like stray into the Apple shop... ;)

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky! They have shut down the bike shop around the corner.