Wednesday, 20 April 2011

BEQ Excursion

Today I went with Linnea and the rest of Reception to the Berakas Equestrian Center, on a school excursion. It was a really lovely morning with the horses, and all the kids were just so excited.

The children got to go around and pat the horses:

They also got to say hello to Leon, the little pony. He seemed pretty happy with all the attention, and the hay..!

Then we got to see some of the riders do some show jumping for us.
Linnea and Keira:

After the quick show, it was the children's turn to go for a little ride around the BEQ. They were all very patient, waiting for their turn on the horses.

Linnea & Emily, waiting in line.

Helmet on, very important.

Time to sit up.

All ready. Giddy-up horsie!

And off she goes!

The kids got to choose themselves whether they wanted to go on the big horse or the little pony.

Very proud little girl on the big, big horse.

Afterwards the children got to feed some of the horses with carrots. Happy day for these two horses, who got lots of yummy food today!

Finally we also got to see how they picked the horse's hooves:

Guess who now wants to start pony riding..?

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