Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Swedish day in Hamilton

Today it's really nice and sunny, summer is back for a bit. It sure was very different yesterday morning at 8 am when I picked up my rental car and set off on a trip up north - it was 2 degrees! TWO!
Luckily it warmed up quickly later in the day, because I really wasn't keen on those 2 degrees, nor wearing four layers, scarf and all...

The kids and I had a day away, just us, in Hamilton. That meant a little drive of about two hours to get there, it's 150k one way.

We had two stops, the Chartwell Shopping Center for Mummy; and at the Lollipops play land for the kids.

The thing is, I actually have one friend of my own here in NZ, a Swedish friend (also married to a Kiwi) that I got to know in the UK. She lives about an hour away from Hamilton though, out "in the sticks", so it's not so easy just popping over. (We did go and visit them 3 1/2 years ago at their farm, time flies!)
Once a week Ulrika goes to Hamilton to do her groceries, so we decided we would meet there; and where better to keep everyone happy, than at a play land? :)
We spent three (!) hours at Lollipops, the kids had a blast and Ulrika and I could catch up in peace. It was so lovely!

Here's Lucas and Liam:

Ulrika and me:

Lunch time, the Watson kids and 2/4 of the Parrott brood:

And... the bribes at the shopping center so Mummy could power shop before going back home again!

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Katarina said...

Ni ser ut att verkligen ha haft det trevligt!