Wednesday, 6 April 2011


It's getting chilly here. Some even say winter has come, but as a Swede I wouldn't quite say that... ;) Although we did light the open fire for the first time last night and there has fallen snow on Mount Hutt and Mount Ruapehu the last few days.
Ah well, it doesn't matter. I've about had enough of wearing socks and shoes, but I still enjoy my jeans and cardis!

We are taking it easy this week. We have browsed town thoroughly, street up and street down. The shopping has let me down slightly this time as we arrived a bit too late to enjoy the sales, everything was gone; and obviously the winter stock doesn't quite interest me.
We are steadily getting through our list of to-dos and to-buys though and the suitcases are filling up nicely! You don't need sunshine to shop!

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