Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The jetlag of the heart

The last few days since getting back I've just enjoyed being at home, in the house, just us.

I've realized that I really need some time after each long trip away, in just my own company, to mull a bit about the summer that has passed and slowly get used to being back.
You always feel a bit homesick and sad to have left; empty, tired and now bored after an eventful vacation - but at the same time you're glad to be back in your "own". It's really mixed feelings, and might be hard for some to understand.

I prefer not to see anyone the first few days. I don't want to start talking about the summer too fast, it makes it so definite that it's now over! I just want to keep feeling those happy, relaxed vacation feelings for just a little bit longer. I need to "land" back here in my own time, both physically and mentally.

Today was the first day I ventured properly outside the house (for something else than just getting groceries), it was time to burst the bubble!

We had a wonderful summer back in Scandinavia and the UK, once again. A big THANK YOU to everyone who opened their homes to us and took time out of their busy vacation schedules to see us!
It was
lovely to see you all, we will cherish our beautiful holiday memories for a long time!

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