Sunday, 1 August 2010


We've now been in Denmark since Thursday. Took the train down, was a rather pleasant journey straight into central Copenhagen.
Descended at our friends' house in Kongens Bryghus (the Carlsberg Silo) in the late afternoon.

Had a quiet night in on Thursday, with nice dinner together with the big family (5 kids!) - well quiet might actually not be the right word... ha ha!

Nathan and Havana:

On Friday we took on Strøget, the big shopping street. It was raining cats and dogs, but if you have a busy schedule, you can't deviate too much!

I must say though, that normally Copenhagen is rather trusty when it comes to good shopping and stylish bargains, but this time I was rather disappointed. Not only couldn't I find anything, but whatever I found was horrendously expensive compared to in Sweden! I've only bought some practical things (like sport socks... hourra) and some earrings from my favourite shop Pyrit, as I always do.
Nathan had to buy a rain jacket..!

We also met my friend Kamilla who had come over from Jylland on purpose to see us, together with her baby Hektor. Last year when we were here she had just found out she was pregnant, and now Hektor was here - obviously I never got to see her with the big belly so "all of a sudden" seeing her with a baby, was a bit odd!
We had an absolutely fab lunch at the top of Illum (had to find a place with plenty of space for a buggy!) and went for another little walk around the shops.

Hektor slept most of the time, through lunch, through a little stop at 'The Dubliner' and through most of Strøget. Finally he woke up, just as we had been to the toyshop for some bribes (...), so time for coffee!

Hektor was a cutie, and the sun nearly came out while we were sitting at the café, nearly..!

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