Thursday, 5 August 2010

What time is it?

When I was nearly six, I really, really wanted a watch. I had seen this lovely red one that I desperately wanted but my mum told me that buying me a watch was a bit silly, since I didn't know time yet.
It took me a month to learn how to tell time; and for my 6th birthday I got the beautiful red watch.

I haven't owned a watch since!
I loved my red one but carrying a watch was never really for me. During a brief period in high school I had a cool ring with a watch in it, until it's battery died...
A part from that, I developed a 6th sense for knowing time and also always knew where every "official" (i.e church clocks etc) clock were wherever I lived.
Finally since the mobile phone became standard gear, I've never really needed a watch (it's been just as easy to find the phone in my bag and check the time).

Until now.
I realized I enjoyed continuing wearing my Garmin, even after training, and somewhere recently I discovered Triwa. It's a Swedish brand who make trendy plastic watches in every colour imaginable. (Please read their story on their homepage, it's quite funny!)
Somehow I got hooked on their all-white watch 'Triwa Great White III', after having noticed something similar on two gorgeous women - Sandra Bullock (well her character) in the movie "The Blind Side" (a really good movie by the way!) where she constantly wears a white watch; and our own Swedish Princess Madeleine on a the January 2010 Elle magazine cover, also wearing a white watch, from Triwa!
So, I wanted one.

You can buy them via the Triwa home page, but I wanted to try it on first so was looking for Triwa everywhere. They proved to be a bit difficult to find, but the other day in Kristianstad I finally found a Triwa dealer, and they had my watch! Yay!

So far, we are getting along just fine! My fear was to feel a bit like a overdecorated Christmas tree but I'm actually enjoying wearing a watch. I like knowing time and I also think of it as a cool looking accessory to my outfits.
Me like.

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