Sunday, 22 August 2010


After another long trip we're back in our own home again. I'm not quite sure how I feel. Like I normally do I think, a bit blue, a bit lonely and a bit empty and worn out after a summer full of fun.

The flight was full of people we knew. Actually already at the hotel we bumped into a class mate of Linnea's and her family, at the shuttel bus to the airport the school librarian. At the airport some more friends, a fellow hasher and Lucas' new teacher! It was a bit unexpected, and it felt like Brunei appeared a bit quicker than I was prepared for. Normally I have the long flight to change my mind set.

Because of problems at Heathrow they had to leave some of the luggage behind, luckily not ours! I wasn't too worried at first, we were going home after all so not really missing any of the contents urgently - but then I remembered the coolbag full of Swedish goodies..!!
It was nice to unpack. I got a lot of nice things this year. I feel refreshed.

Now we have just one more week left before the every day life sets in again. I can't wait.

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