Friday, 6 August 2010

Elk alert

Mormor and Morfar came and picked us up from Åhus in the camper yesterday. On our way home we made two stops.
First we stopped at the elk show park Laganland on E4, to watch some moose.

Unfortunately we must have had bad timing, they feed in the morning and when we were there they all just slept... (Three years ago we went to Skånes Djurpark, which was a lot better, with more and livelier moose)

Sleeping stags:

A mother elk and calves:

The calves:

We also had a look at the 'Mooseum', where they had a little photo expo that showed the life of the elks during an entire year. Lucas enjoyed looking at all the photos:

Our second stop was at the shopping mall (yes, yes, again...) A6 in Jönköping. Again, it was actually just before closing time, and actually - I was the only one not coming away with any shopping bags..!
After a quick dinner at our new favourite burger place Max (how have I missed this all these years??) we continued home.

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