Monday, 23 August 2010

Front page stuff

One of the very last days in Sweden we met up with a journalist from the local newspaper. They had heard about us (it's a small town) during our visit in March, and ever since been pestering Mum & Dad to get to meet us, and hear all about how it is to live in Brunei.
To make it easier for everybody, we met up at a playground so that the kids would be busy and I could answer the journalist's questions in peace.

The interview took nearly an hour, but to my surprise the journalist was more interested in getting all the facts straight about how I ended up in Brunei and my life path (all the way back from age 12!) in general - than he was about how living down there in the jungle is difficult to life in a small town in Sweden.

The article was in the newspaper the same day we left, and the kids were very pleased about being in the newspaper and everything. Unfortunately the angle of the article was more "Local girl lives in Brunei which is far, far away", than "How's life as an expat in a muslim Sultanate on top of Borneo".

(Ha ha, I'm really not looking my best in the photos, the photographer took them from my "bad" side!)

Ah well, we were on the front page!

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