Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Åhus 2010

We are back in Sweden again, after our short stay in Denmark. We are visiting our good friends the Wellanders again this year. It's becoming a bit of a tradition, a very nice one!
This year we are staying in their summer house in Åhus and yesterday we had a bit of a Horsham-reunion with two other families we know from our time in the UK. Both the Johanssons and the Robertssons made the trip across Skåne from Helsingborg to come and see us.

We had a lovely afternoon in the sun, down at the beach. Åhus is famous for their ice cream so of course we had to sample some!
We then went back for a BBQ at the summer house, and neither us nor the kids got to bed in decent time last night; we all had too much fun!

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