Sunday, 1 August 2010

Useful lingo?

These pictures is from a tourist magazine I picked up on the Copenhagen Metro the other day.

I thought this article about the extremely useful Danish lingo was very funny, and spot on. If you can't read what it says, here it is:

- Må jag bede om en øl? = May I please order a beer.

- Tak. = Thank you.

- 50 kroner?! Men jag bestilte kun én! = 50 kronor?! But I only ordered one beer!

- Goddag. = Hello.

- Farvel. = Goodbye.

- Hvad sker der for alle de peruvianske panfløjte-orkestre?
= What's with all the Peruvian panflute orchestras?

- Hvordan finder jag den Lille Havfrue? = How do I find The Little Mermaid?

- Hvad mener du med, hon er i Kina? = What do you mean, "she's in China"?

- Er vejret altid så dårligt? = Is the weather always this bad?

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