Sunday, 1 August 2010

The jet setter life style

Today we met with some friends for lunch here in Copenhagen. Sounds like a completely normal thing to do, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm from Sweden, my husband from N.Zealand and we live on Borneo - and our friends are living in Germany, she's from Sweden and he's from the UK!
It just so happened that our plans were perfectly timed for a lunch date here in Denmark today. They were driving through from Germany to Sweden, and why not then meet up?

We decided to meet in one of the not so interesting places here in Copenhagen, a giant shopping mall. Not for shopping, but for the fact they have a huge indoor play land for the kids! Considering yesterdays weather, we weren't taking anything for granted...
We all agreed that the main object was to hang out and chat, not to do sightseeing or anything; so we needed to be somewhere where the kids would be happy to be too - not in a trendy café in Vesterbro etc...

So we did 1 1/2h in the play land, took a break for lunch outside in the mall, then another 1 1/2h in the play land after that again... Well - kids were happy, tired and had played really well with each other, and we had had time for coffee, chat and catch up! Great plan!

Three out of four kids, Thomas, Adam & Lucas:

Linnea got so exhausted from all the playing she fell asleep in our arms:

Maria and me:

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