Friday, 13 August 2010

Kolmården Zoo

We have spent the last few days in the eastern part of Sweden, at our friends the Dunlops' place in Nyköping. We've had absolutely perfect summer weather - it's been sunny and hot (yay!) and the kids have enjoyed their swimming pool over and over again.

Yesterday we did Kolmården Zoo, a park I had never visited before and one of the more well-known ones here in Sweden.
Although we saw elephants, zebras, gorillas, tigers etc - the most exciting part was the mini-zoo where the kids could go inside the enclosures and pet the goats, pigs and sheep. Linnea and the pigs:

Lucas and Maya:

Linnea chatting with a camel:

Checking out the savannah:

Linnea and a rhino ('s butt...):

We had a lovely husmanskost (=traditional Swedish cuisine) lunch, with great views:

And of course we saw their famous dolphin show, very nice:

There was also a huge playground where we spent quite some time:

Linnea and Jack:

And Linnea met Bamse (a popular Swedish cartoon character) and we saw a theater at Bamse-land:

All in all, a very nice day!

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