Friday, 27 August 2010

Rötter och fötter

(=Roots and feet, it just sounded funnier in Swedish!)

One of my favourite fellow expat bloggers, Sara in Corsica, wrote a post the other day that hit me right on and hard. It was like she put words on some of the feelings I've had for so long, but never known how to express.

She talks about how she for so long have never gotten attached to any of the many places where she have lived, but kept on going, kept being on the move and kept on longing away, in the need of a home to long to.
She says she's nearly been on her way again sometimes even before arriving; been proud of having feet, not roots.

Now she's found her place on earth and fallen in love with Corsica. (The explanation of love to that island, her blog, is so beautiful it nearly hurts...)

I don't think I have just feet, I'm pretty happy where I am; but I'm also sure I don't have any roots yet - and that I would like some. I just don't know where yet. I still haven't found my Corsica...

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