Monday, 30 August 2010

Dan före dan (=the day before the day)

This is actually a saying when you count down for Christmas, but I find it quite suitable for this day as well - it's here! It's finally here, tomorrow!
School is back! Yay!

I think everybody is a bit enlivened. The kids had trouble settling and falling asleep tonight; the sight of their uniforms being laid out and their lunch bags getting ready was just so exciting! They are both so ready to go back to school, they've really missed their friends and are excited about their new classrooms and new teachers.

I'm excited about getting some time to myself again, and to get a break from the endless "Maaaaammaaaaa!!" that kind of rings in my head, even after they've gone to bed...

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Sara said...

Hej! Självklart fâr du länka till mig! Roligt att du hittat in till mig!