Monday, 31 December 2007

2007 in review - Part 2

Ok, so here it goes, part 2 of our little travel through 2007:


I have chosen to put up quite a few photos from July, since it was a big month for us. It was our last month in the UK, and we had lots of visitors, and did lots of things. Lots of "lasts"...
Mormor & Morfar came to see us, and we took them to Legoland for a day. The whole group enjoyed it, but probably mostly Lucas of course!

Morfar taught Lucas how do to magic.

Thomas & Mikkeline also came to see us for one last time.

I had one last girl's night with my good friends in Horsham.

Lucas had his last day at nursery, here he is with Claire and Maddie, his teachers.

(Sorry, it's twisted - my computer is playing up and I can't change it... You will have to tilt your head.)

Both the kids had their last gymnastics sessions. They both loved their gymnastics, it's really a shame there is nothing like that here. They had such good times doing gymnastics.

(Really sorry, I don't know how to solve this...)

Here comes the moving van. (Gosh, it feels like ages ago we did all that packing and carrying and cleaning up... and then consider that most of the boxes haven't even been unpacked here yet, we are waiting until we find our own house.)

Niccolai turned 3, and we went to his party.

And Cameron turned 2, and celebrated it with a party on our very last day in the UK. He had yummy cake, sunshine and paddle pool and a visit from the town's big fire engine! Big success! He also had a Fiskdamm (=fishpond) which the kids enjoyed.


While Nathan left for Brunei, the kids and I spent this month in Sweden. We went down to the west coast, and had a day at Liseberg.

We visited my Aunt and the rest of the family, in Vävra. We stayed over there (in the camper) and the next day we went out to the rocks, to go for a swim, and a climb.

I managed to go both Copenhagen for a weekend and Stockholm for a couple of days. In Stockholm I did some last shopping and caught up with my old friends, Erika, Jenny-Ann and Maud. That was really great! We went out for sushi dinner and a couple of drinks.

The kids had a great time back home in Skara, eating Chokladpudding (=chocolate pudding) every day!

We also went to see an old school friend of mine, Karin, and her family. They lived outside Alingsås. Lucas and Olivia got along great!

And Auntie Kamilla came to visit, to see the kids. She got put to work straight away - her she is, with her first ever (!) Lego-construction, the garbage truck.

We also went pony riding, in Lidköping.


Then, we moved to Brunei! After that little extra stay at LHR because of the broken down plane on our outwards trip, we arrived to our new home. Since Nathan had been there a whole month before us turning up, the house was already set up, the internet connected and the TV working!
A new life started, with new friends, new job, new cultures, new climat and environment. Lots of swimming and relaxing.

Lucas started Kindergarten at JIS, and found some new friends.

Nathan celebrated a birthday, here with his present from Thomas.


In October we got our new car.

We enjoyed a visit from the Parrotts.

We celebrated Linnea's 2nd birthday at the Yacht Club with a party, and a Dora cake.

We also went to a Halloween party.


In November Nathan got his first shot at wakeboarding. He liked it! (So much that he later bought his own board while we were in NZ).

We went on a trip to NZ, and visited the Parrotts at their farm outside Raglan.

Hung out on the boat, Nathan did some wakeboarding on his new board.

Otherwise Taupo was as it always is.

And back in Brunei, Linnea started Playgroup at Melissa's.

We had International Day at school, Lucas was dressed in his Swedish football outfit, and Maria and I had supplied a Swedish table, with chokladbollar, mmm! It was a super fun day!


December is so recent, so I'm not putting that many photos up. But, here are some from our trip to Singapore:

And here is one from the River Safari the kids and I went on, we are looking for crocodiles, and monkeys.

We also had Christmas, of course.

That's it - that was a short version of 2007!
Let's hope that 2008 become just as exciting, fantastic and fun! (I wish for a house, and lots of visitors in the new year please!



Anna Malaga said...

Happy New Year!!
Kul idé med en sammanfattning av âret. Mysiga bilder.
Vi var ocksâ pâ Legoland i juli...

Dina said...

GOTT NYTT ÅR!! Så kul med ett 2007 i sammanfattning! Så mycket ni hann med, fina, trevliga bilder. Många kulturer, det är ju riktiga världsmedborgare du när vid din barm :-)